Presidents Annual Report March 2022

2022 State of the Association Newsletter

March 9, 2022

Good evening shipmates

It’s time for a little State of the Association newsletter, probably overdue, but better late than never, I will try to answer some of the most common questions we are asked by our members and I will beg you to donate time or money to help the Association, I will mention money many times in this letter lol

The most common question is always, when is the next reunion and where will it be held, the location is easy, you voted to visit the ship as long as it’s available and as long as the Navy will accommodate us, so the next reunion will be held near Port Hueneme California and will include a ship visit and tours, we have had a major turnover of staff on the Test Ship and we are still working on a relationship with the new management, but from our initial conversations they are very willing to accommodate us again and it seems very excited to join us in possibility celebrating twenty years of service to the Navy as a test ship, and forty seven years of service to the Navy in 2023, that’s a hint………

The exact date of the next reunion is still being discussed, and we have plans to start more serious discissions with the Navy soon, but remember she is a working ship and the mission comes first, the last two reunions were very stressful as dates kept changing, we hope to negotiate a firm date sooner this time, wish us luck. 

I must also mention the Pandemic, it has changed our lives and how we do many things, recently some of the restrictions have been lifted but we know the Government moves slow so we don’t know how the pandemic or your vaccine status will affect our ability to enter the Navy base and visit the ship in the future, cross your fingers please.

Foster veterans cruise, if you were at the 2019 reunion, you heard the discussions about a Foster veterans cruise, the Pandemic put all discussions about a veterans cruise on hold until the base and the test ship are open to us again, the change in management may also change what a possible cruise looks like and if it’s even still an option, time will tell.

I have been in steady contact with the test ship crew and she is still working and still getting underway for testing, she was even testing COVID cleaning methods for the Navy, you can occasionally catch her underway on the live San Diego Web cam


Event location: while we enjoyed the Crowne Plaza on Ventura Beach for the past reunions, and it is a beautiful location, we are looking at other locations along the beach between Ventura and Port Hueneme, we would love to find something more affordable but we must also remember Ventura is a popular tourist location and destination city.

Remembering Vice Admiral Paul F. Foster:

On a cold snowy day in January, the Foster family gathered at Arlington national cemetery for a grave side remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the passing of Paul Frederick Foster on January 30th 1972 to January 30th 2022, LCDR Paul R. Foster, JAGC,USN-Ret. and Cynthia Ray Foster, grandchildren of Paul Frederick Foster and David Zuchegna USS Paul F Foster Plank owner, were honored guests at the ceremony, Cynthia Ray Foster was a proxy for her Grandmother Isabelle Foster at the christening ceremony for  USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 on February 23rd 1974 and presided over this graveside remembrance of her Grandfather.

On January 13, 2022, U.S. Congressman Ron Estes. Serving the 4th District of Kansas, read into the Congressional record a statement honoring the 50th anniversary of the passing of Paul Frederick Foster on January 30th 1972, Paul F. Foster was born in Kansas on March 25th 1889

Association business:

The boring stuff, where I beg for money. as a nonprofit, The USS Paul F Foster Association is always trying to inspire people to join our cause, part of that cause is always trying to raise money, if you can make an annual donation if goes a long way to paying the bills and improving the Association and helps to fund many other things. I will mention money again……….

Website report:

Lou Prevost (current Secretary) has been working to improve functionally of the website, we have made some security changes to protect your information and we have some other changes in the works for the website, most will be in the background and you won’t see them but you will benefit from the changes. We could still use a trained Webmaster but Lou and myself muddle through keeping it updated as best we can.

Websites are expensive, very expensive, you might ask what we do with your donations? Well, the Website takes a fair share of that money, any major changes to the Website itself have to be contracted out and its very expensive work, if you have skills as a Webmaster and want to help, please send us an email. We really only require some parttime help to make occasional changes to the website, or even hosting the website if you are able to donate that service.

We recently added a Lifetime member page to recognize those shipmates that have made that commitment, thank you.

Speaking of Lifetime members, we have three Lifetime members now, if you are interested, the minimum donation for a Lifetime membership is $500.00

Ships store: We continually try to add items to the store, but again that takes money, so the more money we can raise the more items we can stock, we hear your requests for a REAL USS Paul F Foster DD-964 ballcap and we are working on it, but be aware, it will be expensive and its not likely we can make any money selling them and shipping them to you, but we will try to bring some the next reunion to sell at a better price without shipping. Yes, everything is about money, I will be mentioning money several more times in this letter lol

Your store purchases are very much appreciated, those monies are used to fund more items, you may not be aware, but many items in the store are initially funded by board members with personal money as generous donations, (see, I mentioned money again), I want to personally thank those board members for their generosity.

Treasure report: We have slowly built up a good balance in our bank accounts, enough that reunions are easier to manage now, you may not be aware but the deposits for first few reunions were funded by board members with personal credit cards, (see, I mentioned money again) your donations are important for us to survive, we now have enough bank funds that we have an Association credit card to use for reunion deposits, a huge burden taken off board members.

Historian: This is a personal passion of mine; I just love collecting and sharing the Foster history and everything about our journeys on her. At the 2019 reunion I brought one 3 ring binder to share, I saw everyone’s enjoyment reading that book and knew I had to do better, we now have 3 large history books to bring to all future reunions, one book for each of Foster’s homeports,

We also purchased a couple of original Foster cruise books, and I borrowed the rest from some great shipmates, and we sent them all out to a professional book scanning company and got digital copies of all Foster cruise books, these digital copies are for sale in the ships store to help raise money for reunions, we will also bring printed copies of all cruise books to future reunions for everyone to enjoy, now you don’t need to bring your priceless original books, leave them safe at home. Please thank shipmates David Brunkhorst, Felix Alvarado, Meg Costa, Jason Smith, and Joel Resendez for trusting me with their original cruise books to copy, BZ shipmates.


This is getting long, but I must thank all the other board members that volunteer to work hundreds of hours on this Association, without ONeal Suire, Lou Prevost, Deb Prevost, Jon Powell and Diana Powell, none of this would happen, some of these folks have been doing this for over ten years,

David L. Klein

GSM1 1987 to 1993


USS Paul F. Foster Association











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Important dates to remember.

March 25th 1889 Vice Admiral Paul F. Foster birthday

February 21st, 1976 USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 commissioned

March 14th 2023 USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 20 years decommissioned

March 29th 2023 20 years’ service as Self Defense Test Ship EDD-964

February 21st 2026, USS Paul F. Foster 50th anniversary reunion Ventura Ca. ??