Mission Statement

Connecting Shipmates and Families

This Association seeks to provide the highest quality support and information in re-connecting shipmates, shipmates families, and all Detachments of the USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 / Self Defense Test Ship. To promote camaraderie among those who served on board, encourage membership through a website and other means and maintain a database of shipmates whether or not they are members. The Association shall schedule activities such as (but not limited to) reunions.

The Association also seeks to preserve the Memories, Historic Value, and influence the destiny of the warship that is the last of the Spruance Class Destroyers. We believe through our Association’s united voice and strength that we can create a grassroots initiative to preserve the ship as a floating museum after the Navy decides its services as a test ship are no longer required.

Who is Eligible?

Any former crewmember of the ship, which includes members of embarked air detachments, is eligible for Shipmate Membership. Widows and widowers of former crewmembers shall be offered Honorary Membership in the Association. Those who served during her status as Self Defense Test Ship shall be offered Honorary Membership. The Spouses of any contributing eligible crewmember shall be an Honorary Member with all Association Rights & Privileges.

An individual who did not serve in USS Paul F. Foster or the Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) and who supports the Association’s Mission Statement is eligible for Associate Membership.

The suggested annual contribution is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each former crewmember or Associate Member or thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per married couple if both spouses are former crewmembers.  An annual contribution drive for membership conducted by the office holders or their assigned committee shall begin on or about January 1 each year.  Recommended contribution amounts for membership in theAssociation shall be set at the membership meetings during the reunions.

Lifetime Membership will be granted to any member making a ONE-TIME contribution equal to or greater than 20 times the current suggested annual contribution for individuals and married couples, as applicable.

Larger annual donations than amounts listed above are welcomed and you need not be a former crew member to contribute.

If you would like to read all of our by-laws, click here.