In Memoriam

Remembering our departed shipmates.

The following is a list of deceased USS Paul F Foster crewmembers. If you know of any additions or edits to this list please contact us

NameRate/RankDates Served
Ahern, Timothy MichaelCapt89 - 91 7th Commanding Officer, Desert Storm
Anderson, AndyMACSPlank Owner
Anderson, BillEN3Plank Owner
Bachman, GuyEW31986 - 1989
Baker, JamesFTM21978 - 1979
Ball, HarryEW11985 - 1988
Beatty, ShawnMRFN1986-1988
Brucklacher, Patrick “Casey”HT21984
Brooks, BrianSTG31978 - 1979
Brown, Tommy Plank Owner
Boden, Mark  1976-1980
Bollinger, Keith GSM21981-1985
Byard, LarryLCDRPlank Owner
Ca’mel, CraigTM2 
Carney, Patrick WillisMMCM1986-1987 Comanand Master Chief
Cavanaugh, Timothy IC1980-1982
Collins, LeonardHTC 
Commeree, AnthonyEN11999- Decommission
Cruz, DanRMC1979-1981
Depedro, JohnBMSN2003-2003
Dockery, DonaldOSCMPlank Owner
Druckery, Ed EM1Plank Owner
Dunkelberger, SamGSM11984-1986, Association Chaplin 2014-2016
Emerson, WilliamGSM2 
Fagen, David L.RM3 1992 - 1995
Fallon, PeterQMCPlank Owner
Fiebelkorn , BobSn1976 - 1980
Flack, MonteENCMPlank Owner
Friess, DanOS11995 - 2000
Gause, BryantOS1997 to 2001
George, DonaldMSCPlank Owner
Gonzalez, EloyMS31997
Griffith, DonaldSTG31990 - 1994 Desert Storm
Grover, JeffreyRM31992-1994
Hargrave, BevardLTPlank Owner
Hastings, RobertHMCM1989
Hill, AlanFireman85-88?
Hixon, GeneBM31977 - 1981
Hodges, Randy QM21979 -1982
Hughes, James  
Hunter, JeffEN21976-1980
Jenkins, RonnieEN3Plank Owner
Joyner, DougSM31979 - 1980
Kaiss, Albert LeeCAPT1978 - 1980, 2nd Commanding Officer
Keith, DerekGSE31999 -  1903
Kitchen, RickySM31978 - 1982
Kopacz, TonyCaptPlank Owner, CIC Officer
Lawrence, Ronald WayneFN1987 - 1988
Lindsey, JoesphOS31992-1994
Lilly, JacobDC2 1999 - Decom
Litza, Robert 90s ?
Lockhart, TheodoreRADM1980 - 1982, 3rd Commanding Officer
Lovall, ChrisOS21989 - 1992
Maloney, Stephen CCMDR1989 - 1991 Cheng, Desert Storm
Mushaben, JerryMS3Plank Owner
Myers, JeffGSMFN1986-1988
Person, Steven T.RM11992-1994
Puffenbarger, Martin Plank Owner
Sagi, LarryENCPlank Owner
Saole, FaatupuBM31996
Sewell, RayCWOPlank Owner
Sheahan, KevinRM? 
Smith, JesseSH1Plank Owner
Spahn, GeoffreyEM2Plank Owner
Spangler, Jr. Dale AlanEWSN1984 - 1986
Sullivan, George E.CAPTPlank Owner 1976 - 1978  - 1st Commanding Officer
Vogel, William R.SK11977 - 1978
Wilcox, SteveMR12003 to Decommission
Williams, Robert R. IIILCDR1978 to 1980, Executive Officer
Wilkinson, JohnIC1Plank Owner
Withrow, MichaelSH31998-2002
Whittenburg, Dale FTM3 1980-1983
Wood, Richard (Dick) GSE21976-1980
Woodside, MikeEM2Plank Owner
Yohe, GeorgeEN11978 - 1982