In Memoriam

Remembering Deceased Crewmembers

The following is a list of deceased USS Paul F Foster crewmembers. If you know of any additions or edits to this list please contact us

NameRate/RankDates Served
Ahern, Timothy MichaelCDR - CO89 - 91
Anderson, AndyMACSPlank Owner
Anderson, BillEN3Plank Owner
Byard, LarryLCDRPlank Owner
Baker, JamesFTM278 - 79
Ball, HarryEW185 - 88
Brooks, Brian 78 - 79
Brown, Tommy Plank Owner
Collins, LeonardHTC 
Commeree, AnthonyEN199 - 
Dockery, DonaldOSCMPlank Owner
Druckery, Ed EM1Plank Owner
Emerson, WilliamGSM2 
Fagen, David L.RM3 92 - 95
Fallon, PeterQMCPlank Owner
Flack, MonteENCMPlank Owner
George, DonaldMSC 
Gonzalez, EloyMS3  - 97
Griffith, DonaldSTG390 - 94
Hargrave, BevardLTPlank Owner
Hughes, James  
Jenkins, RonnieEN3Plank Owner
Joyner, DougSM379 - 80
Kaiss, Albert LeeCAPT - CO2nd CO of Foster 
Kopacz, TonyLTPlank Owner
Lawrence, Ronald WayneFN87 - 88
Lilly, JacobDC2 99 - Decom
Lockhart, TheodoreRADM80 - 82
Lovall, ChrisOS?89 - 92
Maloney, Stephen CCMDR89 - 91
Myers, Jeff  
Puffenbarger, Martin Plank Owner
Sagi, LarryENCPlank Owner
Saole, FaatupuBM396 - 
Sewell, RayCWOPlank Owner
Sheahan, KevinRM? 
Spahn, GeoffreyEM2Plank Owner
Spangler, Jr. Dale AlanEWSN84 - 86
Sullivan, George E.CDR - COPlank Owner - 1st CO of USS Paul F. Foster
Vogel, William R.SK177 - 78
Wilkinson, JohnIC1Plank Owner
Woodside, MikeEM2Plank Owner
Yohe, GeorgeEN178 - 82