2019 reunion US Flag

We purchased this flag and had the SDTS staff fly this flag during the 2019 reunion, we are raffleing this flag off to raise money to bring someone in need to the March 2023 reunion,   100% of the money will go towards bringing someone to the reunion, we will sell 200 tickets at 10.00 each, buy as many as you want, if we dont reach the goal of 200 tickets we will draw from tickets sold on March 1st 2023 and give the flag away. The flag will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the Association and two USS Paul F Foster challenge coins, 1 of each coin we sell, a minimum of 100.00 in sales must be completed prior to drawing, 07/15/2023 update: minimum ticket sales have been met, the Flag will be given away on March 1st or when the last ticket is sold, Thank you