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USS Paul F. Foster

To Our Former Shipmates

Welcome to the USS Paul F. Association website.  We are working to create an organization that will provide shipmates of the USS Paul F. Foster a way to stay connected to each other and to the ship. Our short-term goal is to secure a broad and strong base of membership that will carry the Association into the future for many decades. Our long-term goal is to have influence over what might happen to the USS Paul F. Foster after its service as a self-defense test ship has concluded.

As a former shipmate, former member of embarked air detachment or current crew member, of the USS Paul F. Foster / Self Defense Test Ship you are eligible for membership in this newly formed Association. Note: Widows and widowers of former crew members shall be offered Honorary Membership in the Association. The USS Paul F. Foster Association is a not for profit 501(c)(19) organization that can only accept an annual donation for membership. Annual donations will go towards keeping the cost of future reunions at a minimum, supply the ship store with ship's memorabilia and of course cover the costs of running an organization.

We invite you to join The USS Paul F. Foster Association. For a small annual donation you will receive eligibility to serve as a board member, should you so desire. The suggested minimum annual donation is $25 for each former crewmember or $35 per married couple (if both spouses are former crew members). Larger donations are welcomed and you need not be a former crew member to contribute.

2026 50th Anniversary Reunion



USS Paul F. Foster Association

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