• Reunion Plan of the Day

      We're happy to publish the Reunion Plan of the Day! Read More

    Did you know the PFF Association is a non-profit organization? To help raise funds we are putting this beautiful wooden ship model up for raffle at the reunion this July! Read More
  • Reunion Attendees

    Here's the most current list of Foster Children attending the upcoming reunion. Is you name on the list? See anyone you know? Read More
  • Join The Association

       As a newly-formed Association, we are striving to create an organization that will provide shipmates of the USS Paul F. Foster a way to stay connected to each other and to the ship. Read More
  • Vice Adm Paul F Foster

    Paul Frederick Foster was born on March 25, 1889 in Wichita, Kansas. He received a senatorial appointment from the State of Idaho to the U.S. Naval Academy. Read More
  • Reunion Checklist!

    This page will help you make sure you've followed all three steps to getting fully registered for the reunion! Remember: You can always access this page by clicking the reunion banner up at the top of any page on the site! Read More
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